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Research Overview


The Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center has several research thrusts, some of which have also been identified as national priorities in the President’s recent State of the Union address. 

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Renewable Energy Sources

The center focuses on harnessing power from nontraditional energy sources.


The conversion to hydrogen based fuels and energy storage within the next 40 years was identified as a national priority

Conventional Fuels

While conventional fuels remain a primary source of energy for power generation, the thrust of the AERTC is to mobilize advanced technology to increase the recovery of traditional fuels, optimize conservation, and preserve the quality of the air and the environment.


The AERTC has the capability to build and test experimental houses where heating and cooling is generated using experimental designs for boilers and heat exchange units, while electricity is derived from thermal and other alternative sources.

Smart Grid Power Distribution Systems

The AERTC has taken steps in power conservation to maximize the efficiency of the power distribution system.

Education and Training

The implementation of new energy policies, energy conservation technology and the transition to new energy sources requires a strong partnership with the public.