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Offshore Wind

GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind Project

The GE Renewable Energy Offshore Wind Project aims to develop a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective generator for offshore wind turbines. The current generators use rare-earth-based permanent magnets, which are expensive and have a negative environmental impact. The project proposes to use topology optimization method to design the permanent magnet for a simplified 2D outer rotor direct-drive wind power generator. The objective is to minimize the use of rare earth materials while maximizing the system magnetic energy and generating a target magnetic field in the air gap. The results demonstrate that the optimized design outperforms the original design in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This project is expected to contribute to the development of more environmentally friendly and cost-effective generators for offshore wind turbines.

Principle Inestigator - Shikui Chen
Sponsor - General Electric Company

Workforce Development - Offshore Wind

Ørsted - Ørsted and Eversource Announce $5M Commitment to Stony Brook University to support Offshore Wind Research Initiatives - April 26, 2021

GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind Project

The purpose of this project was to build a finite element model for the GE wind turbine for electromagnetic simulations

Principle Investigator - Shikui Chen
Sponsor - General Elecric Company

Master Research and Collaboration Agreement: Offshore Wind and Related Energy Systems Grant Program

Sunrise Wind, Stony Brook University and AERTC are well positioned to conduct research and development initiatives in New York that are intended to have an enduring impact on the offshore wind industry and the New York State economy.

Principle Investigator - Dr. Richard Reeder
Sponsor - Sunrise Wind LLC


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