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Dr. Edward Bogucz, Ph.D.

Executive DirectorSyracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems

Ed Bogucz has served since August 2003 as Executive Director of the SyracuseCoE, New York Stateís Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems. SyracuseCoE is an industry-university collaborative organization accelerates the creation of pioneering technologies and integrated systems in clean and renewable energy, indoor environmental quality, and water resources. Under his leadership, SyracuseCoE has created an Innovation Ecosystem of research, demonstration, and commercialization projects, which have pushed the boundary of knowledge and brought environmental and building innovations to market. Previously, Ed served more than eight years as Dean of the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University. As a faculty member in mechanical and aerospace engineering, his teaching and research expertise includes fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and multidisciplinary analysis and design. Ed holds B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering from Lehigh University and an M.S. degree in heat transfer engineering from Londonís Imperial College.

NYís Energy Regional Innovation Cluster

The New York Energy Regional Innovation Cluster (NYE-RIC) was created to harness the stateís exceptional capabilities for research, development, demonstration and deployment of innovations to vastly improve energy efficiency in buildings. NYE-RIC links research and development and manufacturing in Upstate New York to the marketplace of New York City and breaks down critical barriers to entry, accelerating mass deployment of energy-efficient technologies, and creating jobs. This presentation will address the goals of the NYE-RIC consortium and its application to the development and commercialization of green building materials and processes, leveraging New York Stateís existing strengths and assets, including: the financial expertise of Wall Street; forward-thinking policy agendas at the state and city level; billions of dollars in existing programs for energy efficiency; access to global media and advertising outlets; advanced manufacturing capabilities; a large and diverse building stock; and an abundant skilled workforce.