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Dr. Stephen Hammer, CEO, The New York Climate Exchange, Visits Stony Brook University R&D Park


Dr. Esther Takeuchi and Dr. Stephen HammerAs an anchor institute of The New York Climate Exchange, Stony Brook University is committed to developing the technologies to solve the most pressing climate challenges of our time. Last week Dr. Stephen Hammer, CEO of the New York Climate Exchange, visited Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) At Stony Brook University and Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center (AERTC).

At AERTC, Dr. Esther Takeuchi, Stony Brook University Distinguished Professor and Interdisciplinary Science Department Chair at Brookhaven National Laboratory, showed Dr. Hammer her lab in the Institute of Energy: Sustainability, Environment, and Equity (I:SEE), of which she is Co-Director.

The I:SEE focuses on electrochemistry and energy storage to address energy, energy related environmental issues, and human health.