Conference Program

At AEC 2018 you’ll have the opportunity to meet and network with influential leaders, key researchers, and policy makers from every part of the energy sector. This is the energy industry’s most inclusive event of the year, spanning an exceptionally broad range of sessions and topics.

AEC 2018 Agenda

Exhibitor Setup and pre-conference meetings, workshops and training sessions – March 26th

A pre-conference workshop, “Leading the Charge: Evolving Roles of Women in Energy”, is being planned on Monday, March 26 and will take place in the Soho Complex, seventh floor from 2:00 – 5:00 pm. This workshop will highlight the contributions of women in the energy industry and discuss the ways to foster climates of inclusivity and gender equality in the industry.

  • Panel 1 -  Recruiting, advancing and retaining women in the energy industry: Leaders in clean energy share their experience in the recruitment, advancement and retention of women in the industry. (2:00 -3:15 pm)

  • Panel 2 - Addressing Implicit Bias through Culture and Climate: Hear from industry leaders who’ve fostered climates of inclusivity and gender equality - and are reaping the benefits of a world class workforce. (3:15 – 4:30 pm)

A pre-conference workshop, “How Should Emerging Energy Technologies Advance the State Energy Plan Goals?”  is being planned for Monday, March 26 and will take place in the Empire Complex on the seventh floor from 2:00 – 3:30 pm.

Both Workshops are open to the public, but pre-registration is required. 

Track Sessions – March 27 & 28

  • Additive Manufacturing for Aerospace Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing via Functional Printing
  • Advanced Distributed Simulation Tools
  • Advanced Manufacturing Policies and Practices
  • Advanced Sensing for Smart Energy Management
  • Big Data Analytics (PANEL)
  • Built Environment Cybersecurity (PANEL)
  • Challenges & Successes of Solar Adoption
  • Department of Energy R&D
  • Developer’s Round Table (PANEL)
  • Early Stage & Growth Capital (PANEL)
  • Emerging Smart Grid Technologies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Energy Implications of Autonomous Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Permitting Requirements
  • EVs, Utilities, and the Electric Grid
  • Heat Pumps: Utilities, Emerging Business Models and Enabling R&D (PANEL)
  • Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification and its Impacts
  • Marketing & Branding as R&D Considerations
  • Meeting Peak Demand through Energy Storage
  • MicroGrids
  • New York Offshore Wind Master Plan (PANEL)
  • Offshore Wind Policy Considerations in Industry and Port Development
  • Offshore Wind Technologies to Reduce Costs
  • Offshore Wind Workforce (PANEL)
  • Raising Capital: Lessons Learned (PANEL)
  • Role of Utilities in Advancing Microgrids (PANEL)
  • Smart Buildings - Owners' Perspective (PANEL)
  • Smart Buildings Solutions
  • Sustainable Gas Systems- New Business Models
  • Sustainable Gas Systems- Public Polices (PANEL)
  • Technology to Market
  • The Digital Utility (PANEL)
  • The DSO/DSP Transition
  • Transitioning from Net Metering (PANEL)

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