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ThermoLift Runs With The Elite At CERAWeek 2019 - April 9, 2019

At Offshore Consortium, $7M Is Blowing In The Wind - April 1, 2019

Stony Brook's Student Entrepreneurs are Growing and Glowing - March 22, 2019

Executive Profile: Patricia Malone - March 11, 2019

ThermoLift Lands On (Google For Startups) Cloud Nine - March 6, 2019

Italian entrepreneurs plug into Stony Brook; take on Tesla's Powerwall - February 26, 2019

National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium Adds Additional States and Developers To Board of Directors - January 24, 2019

LI Water Districts Drink Up Anti-Contamination Funds - January 14, 2019

Microscopic Imaging For Any Science? You Better ThINC - December 3, 2018

Cold Start: With $25M Round Set, ThermoLift Ices Test - November 19, 2018

National Offshore Wind Consortium Announces Roadmap to Accelerate Offshore Wind Industry in the United States - Nov. 15, 2018

Electric UPS trucks, better heat pumps being developed at LI center - November 14, 2018

Composite Prototyping Center shows what it can do - November 14, 2018

Groundbreaking HVAC Performance: ThermoLift Demonstrates Heat Pump Surpassing DOE Targets - November 12, 2018

Creating New Energy Businesses - An Interview with Robert B. Catell - October 4, 2018

Orlov Receives National Award for Sustainability Education - September 26, 2018

Center for Corporate Education Focuses on Empowering Women (video) - August 9, 2018

Power Play: Entrepreneurs tackle cutting edge energy tech - August 9, 2018

As 3D printing soars, startup provides the missing ink - August 7, 2018

With Clever New Focus, Hope Floats At Energystics - July 25, 2018

Two Stony Brook Researchers Receive Energy Frontier Research Center Awards Totaling $21.75M - July 3, 2018

U.S. Department of Energy selected NYSERDA as the recipient of a $18.5 million grant to develop a national research and development consortium for the offshore wind industry (to be located at AERTC)- June 15, 2018

Distinguished Professor Esther Sans Takeuchi - Batteries to reset the heart (video) - June 7, 2018

CEAS Faculty receive nearly $6 million for 10 Early Career Awards - May 15, 2018

Stony Brook professor’s invention recognized - Esther Sans Takeuchi - April 24, 2018

Rethinking the science of business (and clean energy) - Innovate Long Island - April 23, 2018

In the power-conversion business, it's who you know - Innovate Long Island - April 23, 2018

Solar Clear - Self-cleaning technology that removes dust from Solar Panels - April 4, 2018

University Libraries Presents: STEM Speaker Series, Dr. Alexander Orlov - How Nanotechnology Can Save Us and the Environment: Making it Happen in a Safe Way - February 13, 2018

Long Island defense contractors facing a year-end deadline to meet new federal cybersecurity standards - December 10, 2017

Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Energy Efficiency Project at Stony Brook University - November 10, 2017

UPS And NYSERDA To Convert UPS Diesel Delivery Trucks In NYC To Electric - November 9, 2017

The Stony Brook Campus is About to Get  a Whole Lot “Smarter" - February 16, 2017

Getting Power to the People: Stony Brook is at the forefront of developing clean, sustainable energy sources - Fall 2016

Alexander Orlov Awarded for Integrating Sustainability into Chemistry Education - November 7, 2016

Energy-Saving Superconductor to be developed at Stony Brook Advanced Energy Center - October 5, 2016

Dr. Ben Hsiao and his team are using nanotechnology to help bring clean water to the world  (NSF) - October 4, 2016

Research Team Led by SBU's Alexander Orlov Strikes Gold - September 7, 2016

SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence - Dr. Alexander Orlov - May 23, 2016

SBU's Jason Trelewicz wins $500,000 NSF Early Career Award - April 5, 2016

Dr. Alexander Orlov, an associate professor of materials science and engineering at State University of New York, Stony Brook has been selected for a distinguished lectureship from Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society - December 17, 2015

Stony Brook wins $1M grant for low-emission vehicles -  October 16, 2015

Prof. Orlov addressed members of the UK parliament from both House of Commons and House of Lords on exciting development in nanotechnology, highlighting research done at the Stony Brook AEC and the BNL Center for Functional Nanomaterials.  - July 17th, 2015

Stony Brook’s Got the Power: How One University Earned Four Major Energy Research Awards in Less Than a Year - July 9th, 2015

Stony Brook University Receives 4th ARPA-E Grant in Six Months - July 9th, 2015

Stony Brook Receives $2.5 Million DOE Grant for Transformational Energy Technology - July 9th, 2015

Brookhaven Lab-Stony Brook team says it has found key to better batteries - January 9, 2015

Mapping of Silver Matrix Formation in Batteries Will Enhance Efficiency - January 8, 2015

Impact Studies on Regional Offshore Wind - November 25, 2014

The Atlantic - m2M EFRC - Battery Life - October 29, 2014

Thermolift: Developing the Ultimate Heat Pump - October 16, 2014

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