John Shipman

Department Manager Electric Vehicle Programs

Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

John Shipman heads up Con Edison's Electric Vehicle Programs. He is a transportation and energy professional focusing his efforts in the New York City area. He has been actively engaged in the electric vehicle space since 1989. His background includes time as Con Edison's Chief Automotive Engineer, Department Manager of Secondary Systems Analysis and Department Manager of Demand Management, Customer Engagement and Electric Vehicles. Mr. Shipman combines a Mechanical Engineering Degree with graduate work in Energy Management. Over the past twenty nine years he has worked with original equipment manufacturers in the field testing and evaluation of alternate fuel vehicles. This has led to the evaluation of multiple EV products from GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, BMW and Mitsubishi. Currently Mr. Shipman is engaged in the clean transportation Reforming the Energy Vision Demonstration space. This work is driving solutions in the New York City area for curbside charging, quick charging hubs, electric school bus V2G, transit bus charging and smart charging solutions across the territory.

Utility territories have their own unique characteristics and challenges. With the end goal of accelerating the movement towards transportation electrification, effective strategies for investment need to be tailored to those specific challenges. Traditional approaches need to be challenged and innovative solutions must be embraced. A deep understanding of the hurdles facing the broader industry stakeholders can lead to solutions targeting the unique nature of the problem. Examples of potential approaches, solutions and required reforms will be presented from a NYC centric viewpoint.

Presentation: Effective Utility Investment to Enable Transportation Electrification

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