Christian Perreault, P.Eng. M.Eng.

Head, Program and Administation

Center of Excellence for Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage


Christian Perreault is currently Head, Program and Administration, at the Center of Excellence for Transportation Electrification and Energy Storage, at Hydro-Quebec. Prior to his actual position, he was administration director of Esstalion Technologies, a joint venture between Hydro-Quebec and Sony Corporation, developing a new generation of storage systems for electrical grids. Since joining Hydro-Quebec in 1989, Mr. Perreault held various positions relating to different areas within Hydro-Quebec's distribution sector, he was Head, Smart Grid Department and responsible of various engineering projects including Volt and Var Control Project and AMI applications for the grid. He has been with Hydro-Quebec for some 29 years.

The objective of this presentation is to share the vision and the progress of Hydro-Quebec's battery development, especially in safety, cycle life and calendar life. The presentation will also show real examples on how Hydro-Quebec is using BESS to face peak demand and other use cases.

Presentation: Next Generation Battery for the grid and EV

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