John A. Olenick


ENrG Incorporated

Mr. Olenick has over 40 years of experience in the electronics, ceramics, and energy industry segments and is now the President of ENrG Incorporated. ENrG manufactures ultrathin flexible ceramic membranes for a multitude of applications.

ENrG's Thin E-StrateĀ®, a flexible ceramic substrate, is a lightweight, thin, dense ceramic that is an ultra-barrier for protecting moisture and air sensitive films. In 2017, ENrG introduced roll-to-roll (R2R) flexible Zirconia Ribbon Ceramic. This breakthrough format offering is a first of its kind option for ceramic substrates. ENrG Inc. has been working with strategic partners to pioneer the support Ecosystem needed to integrate Flexible Ceramics in the FHE industry. Integrated solutions like R2R coating, lamination, handling and laser singulation are all needed technologies that will enable Flexible Ceramics to disrupt industry sectors like Wearable, Mobile and Medical electronics. This presentation will describe integration examples and product demonstrations including solid-state batteries, solar photovoltaics, flip-chipped LED flex circuits, OLEDs, sensors and flexible printed conductors.

Presentation: Roll-to-Roll Ceramic

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