Dan Ocorr

Director, Pilot Coating and Assembly

Eastman Kodak Co

Dan is the Director of Eastman Kodak's Pilot Coating and Assembly facility located at the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY. He has over 35 years of experience in all aspects of roll-to-roll manufacturing including solution preparation, solution delivery, coating, drying/curing, conveyance, and converting. The bulk of this experience has centered on the commercialization of a wide range of new material technologies into products made using a variety of roll-to-roll techniques. For the past 8 years, Dan and his team have worked predominantly with non-Kodak companies to leverage Kodak's existing capital asset base and process know-how to bring new material technology to the marketplace. Materials in the alternative energy space have become the predominant segment of this business, thus providing insight into the commercialization challenges that exist for these technologies.

The commercialization of new material technology using roll-to-roll manufacturing techniques presents many advantages and many challenges. The principle advantage of roll-to-roll is the potential to provide a competitive manufacturing cost using domestic manufacturers. The principle challenges are the technical and financial barriers that often prevent this work from being completed within the timeframe required by the market. This discussion will share Kodak's recent experience at commercializing new materials in the energy sector, and provide details and insights on the primary technical and financial challenges that need to be overcome to enable domestic manufacturing at a market-competitive price.

Presentation: Product Commercialization Using RTR Manufacturing Methods

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