Garrett Nilsen

Program Manager, Technology to Market

Acting Program Manager, Soft Costs

Solar Energy Technologies Office

US Department of Energy

Garrett Nilsen is the program manager for the Technology to Market team and acting program manager for the Soft Costs team. The Technology to Market team works with businesses of all sizes focusing on the development of innovative products and manufacturing technologies to help drive down costs and increase the deployment of solar energy. The Soft Costs team focuses on reducing non-hardware costs and barriers to wide spread solar adoption by supporting analytical support for state and local government, generation of data assets and standards for industry use, workforce development programs and more. Prior to joining SETO, Garrett was in graduate school in Sweden and Germany. Prior to that, he worked for TS&I, a small business in Connecticut that was an awardee on government contracts. Garrett has a B.S. in physics from Union College (NY) and an M.S. in solar energy engineering from Hogskolan Dalarna (Dalarna University) in Sweden.

Presentation: Soft Costs in Solar Today: Opportunities for Non-Federal Actors

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