Gregory Lampman

Program Manager of the Environmental Research Program


Gregory Lampman is the Program Manager of the Environmental Research Program at the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). NYSERDA's Environmental Research Program aims to increase the understanding and awareness of the environmental and public health impacts of energy choices and emerging energy options, and provide a scientific foundation for creating effective and equitable energy-related environmental policies and resource management practices. The program supports monitoring and assessment of environmental conditions and fosters technological innovation related to energy use and production. That work provides objective, science-based information to help address immediate and long-term, energy-related environmental challenges across New York State. The program supports: air quality and related health research; acidic and mercury deposition monitoring and assessments; research into the State's vulnerability to climate change to help develop mitigation and adaptation strategies; assessments and research into of the environmental effects of renewable energy development, including offshore wind energy, and; biomass combustion efficiency and emissions assessments. Greg manages Program staff and a portfolio of projects, along with a team of scientists and engineers to provide the scientific knowledge necessary to better understand and reduce the adverse energy-related impacts that damage New York's ecosystems and the health of its citizens. Greg also serves as the environmental and wildlife lead for NYSERDA in support of the development and implementation of the New York State Offshore Wind Masterplan.

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