Joseph H. Klotz

Business Development Manager

Johnson Controls BMS and Controls Products

Joe has been in the HVAC / BAS industry since 1981 as a public works facilities director, North American and international BMS business manager, VP of Sales and Marketing for a data analytics SaaS company, and CEO of a BMS manufacturer. He has been with JCI for the past 13 years. Joe currently works with JCI direct business customers, including the JCI Branch offices and Enterprise Accounts team. His responsibilities at Johnson Controls include Voice of the Customer liaison, and supporting building management systems marketing and sales for critical control, energy management, and sustainability projects. He is an ASHRAE member, and frequent speaker at industry events. Joe graduated from the University of Alaska Fairbanks with a BS in Natural Resources Management and played goalie for the UAF ice hockey team.

Presentation: Built Environment Cybersecurity: Building Automation Systems

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