David Klatt

VP Operations / Finance

Energy Technology Savings

As the VP of Operations / Finance with ETS, David is responsible for financial and operational analysis of the company's activities, from new project development to performance of existing products. Prior to joining ETS, David was an associate at Castleton Commodities International where he focused on derivatives trading and asset acquisition opportunities across the commodity landscape, including the $1.5 billion acquisition of Morgan Stanley's physical oil trading business in 2015. Before joining Castleton, David began his career as an analyst in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Power and Energy Investment Banking group working primarily on power generation, electric and gas utilities, and renewable energy M&A. David graduated summa cum laude from University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.

As building tech catches up to consumer tech, building managers and owners are inundated with data and a fragmented market of Smart Building companies trying to interpret and create value from that data. In this environment, it is critical to focus on outcomes: such as reducing energy and operations expenditures, increasing sustainability and resiliency, and improving tenant comfort. By focusing on specific outcomes, it becomes easier to sift through the mountains of data for what is truly relevant. One of the most critical aspects of achieving these outcomes is bridging the gap between building systems (the “numerators”), building energy consumption (the “denominator”) and building staff behaviors. That is the goal of ETS's Smart Building AI platform. Public and private stakeholders share many desired outcomes, and as the most relevant data is identified and created, these outcomes will be achieved faster.

Presentation: Big Data vs. Relevant Data: Focus on Outcomes

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