Carl Johnson

Chief Technical Officer, Senior Vice President of Engineering

Norsk Titanium

Carl Johnson serves as the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer at Norsk Titanium AS. A member of the Norsk leadership team since 2016, Johnson is responsible for materials, processes and engineering, which results in machine and process stability and documentation. Norsk recently achieved airworthiness approval for the first additive manufactured titanium structural component for commercial aircraft use. With over 40 years of engineering and industry experience, Johnson holds a bachelors and masters of science degree in mechanical engineering, as well as an MBA from the University of California. Prior to joining Norsk, he held numerous leadership roles at Northrop Grumman Corporation, Aerospace Systems, spear-heading various programs and projects during his 33-year tenure.

Manufacturing consumes about 1/3 of the global energy use. Additive manufacturing offers the opportunity to greatly reduce the energy required for manufacture of parts. In the case of Norsk Titanium's wire in arc process, the typical improvement in Buy-To-Fly (the ratio of material weight at the start of the manufacturing process to the weight of the final part) is 60% over legacy processes. The resulting energy savings come in the form of less wasted scrap material and lower machining costs. At full operating capacity, the NTi facility in Plattsburgh has the potential to save about 390,000Kg of Ti-6-4 annually. This translates to 26,500KwHrs of wasted energy to produce plate that is thrown out. The Norsk Titanium Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD™) process is a clean, efficient, modern manufacturing approach.

Presentation: Disrupting the Norm: Additive Manufacturing of Titanium in Plattsburgh, New York

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