Danny Ilioiu

Director of Research & Development

Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Transit

Danny Ilioiu, is the Director of Research & Development at Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York City Transit. He is currently leading the introduction, deployment and scaling of Electric Buses in the MTA's fleet of 5,800 buses (diesel, diesel-electric hybrid and CNG). Danny lead the scaling up of a fleet of 1,700 Diesel-Electric Hybrid Buses, the testing and evaluation of All-Electric Buses, Renewable Diesel, Active Suspensions, Passenger Counters, CAD/AVL, Fuel-Cells, and Collision Avoidance Systems. Prior to the MTA, he worked in various engineering and design functions in the Airline and the Packaging Machinery Industries.

A brief journey into Metropolitan Transportation Authority's entry into the Electric Bus space. Deployment strategies will be reviewed, stakeholder impact, technical and operational opportunities and key performance indicators. Integration of the project into operations as well as architectural requirements for an aesthetically pleasing integration into the City's landscape will also be touched on.

Presentation: MTA All-Electric Bus Program

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