Rebecca Hughes

Program Manager, Marketing and Training, New York Energy Manager (NYEM)


Rebecca Hughes is the program manager for marketing and training for the New York Energy Manager (NYEM), a virtual energy management service of the New York Power Authority (NYPA). Ms. Hughes is responsible for training building operators and facility managers to utilize NYEM's secure, web-based platform to view real-time energy use data and to identify and implement energy and cost savings measures. Prior to joining NYPA, Ms. Hughes was responsible for the administration of NYSERDA's Career Pathways program, on-the- job training incentive program for businesses, and workforce development training programs as well as administration of research on sector-based strategy and industry engagement. She has also held various positions in higher education administration including project manager with the Center for International Programs at Empire State College and as technical assistant to the Dean of Business, Engineering and Industrial Technologies at Hudson Valley Community College. Throughout her career, Ms. Hughes has led work on innovative post-secondary education initiatives, bringing together business, labor, and government to build clean energy partnerships.

• The role of NYEM in NYPA's digital transformation
• The NYEM platform and its functionality (today and in the future)
• Examples of how customers have leveraged NYEM data analytics to save money, become more energy efficient, and reduce their carbon impacts

Presentation: New York Energy Manager: A Virtual Energy Management Service of the New York Power Authority

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