Sean Gleeson

VP Business Development

Noblehurst Green Energy

Sean Gleeson was raised on a dairy farm in Ireland and came to the USA after earning a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the University of Limerick. He spent his earlier career in technology, while earning his MBA at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 2002, he became a founding member at RailComm, a rail technology company. He led the domestic and global growth of RailComm to where it was listed for five consecutive years on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies. Additionally, in 2010, it was the second fastest growing company in the Rochester, NY Top 100 list. After selling RailComm in 2012, Mr. Gleeson started a second rail technology company, Decision Support Solutions (DSS), which focused on IOT based remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. DSS was acquired by a UK electrical technology company in 2015. Mr. Gleeson has focused on consulting for the past three years and has developed and led strategy and business development execution for many different types of domestic and global companies operating in a wide range of vertical markets, such as healthcare, clean energy, biopharma, industrial products, and now renewable energy with Noblehurst Green Energy (NGE). At NGE, Mr. Gleeson is responsible for the full monetization of dairy biogas. In this role, he has explored and developed the market opportunities, the regulatory dimension, gas upgrade technology and methods of distribution. He is also working to address “Non-Wires Solutions (NWS)” for electrical peak demand for utilities. Mr. Gleeson is actively working with the NY Dairy Farm community and local communities to address the development and deployment of renewable energy. Mr. Gleeson has been affiliated with the Rochester Institute of Technology Venture Creations, The Entrepreneurial Network, NY NEXUS as both a business lead and mentor for startup companies.

Today many dairy farmers are injecting biogas to electrical grids and net metering, using Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines. In many cases, especially in NY, the value of the biogas can be a few cents / KWh. This presentation discusses an alternative use of the biogas as a transportation fuel. It addresses key critical considerations from a producer's perspective. These considerations include where and how to sell, advisor community, role of EPA, CA LCFS, gas production, gas upgrade, gas delivery, pricing and key cost elements.

Presentation: Dairy Biogas to Transportation Fuel

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