Andy Geissbuehler

Managing Partner, Renewable Resources Int'l

Advisory Director, BVG Associates

Offshore Wind Advisor, Norwegian Energy Partners

Andy held executive positions with major multinationals such as ABB, Alstom and GE. After leading Alstom's North American wind business over eight years, Andy experienced the construction of Block Island while heading up GE's US offshore wind operations. As Managing Partner with Renewable Resources International, Andy is reaching out to the cost driven European offshore wind industry to capture and advance the growing US market opportunities. In partnership with Houston based Zentech Inc, he is developing effective marine logistic solutions, offering access to a cost competitive, Jones Act compliant jack-up offshore wind installation vessel. Renewable Resources International's partnership with BVG Associates, a reputable UK based renewable energy consulting firm, offers access to the latest European offshore wind experience. Additionally, Andy has joined Norwegian Energy Partners as US Offshore Wind Advisor. Andy holds a Master's in Engineering and Industrial Management and an MBA.

Presentation: US Offshore Wind Industry & Port Development

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