Angelo D'Anzi

Founder and CTO

Storen Technologies Inc

Angelo has a Mechanical back ground, he was the CEO and CTO of Arcotronics Fuel Cells, a division of Arcotronics Nissei now Kemet (NYSE: KEM), subsequently acquired by Morphic AB, a group of companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange, Angelo was retained by Morphic Fuel Cells as CEO. In 2013, Angelo is the founder of Proxhima, a vanadium flow battery company, sold to the Gala Group in 2015 a public utility company. Angelo holds 14 patents in VFBs, Fuel Cells and cogeneration. Angelo received the 2003 Sapio Award in the Energy and Transportation category with a paper titled “Technological Transfer between Research Institutions and Private Companies in the Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Technology". Angelo holds a MBA degree from the LUISS Business School.

The all-vanadium redox flow battery is a promising technology for renewable and grid energy storage. The StorEn vanadium redox flow battery is implementing four proprietary solutions . These are: MULTIGRID STM a novel stack flow design, EQUILEVELS TM an automatic rebalancing system, RESAFETM a leak elimination system and THERMASTABLE TM that provides a significant improvement s on the power density and system design. We anticipate crucial reductions in the cost of StorEn batteries thus accelerating market penetration.

Presentation: Storen Battery For Renewable And Grid Energy Storage

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