Terry Casey


Bright Capital

Long regarded as an innovator and thought-leader in the Building Automation, Energy and now IoT sectors, Terry brings commercial success and a combination of technical, market and strategic vision to his insight into our industries. Prior to joining Intellastar, Terry Casey was Co-Founder of Trend Controls, the dominant Building Automation Company in the UK; Chairman of Novar controls in the US, the market leader in the Big Box Retail Sector; President, Europe Tridium, helping bring the Niagara Framework to market acceptance and ubiquity; Chief Strategy Officer, Pacific Controls, innovating Cloud- and Edge- based Analytics for Energy services in Buildings in the US and Middle East.

To take advantage of the cost benefits offered by Demand Response and Time of Use Pricing, Buildings need to become Adaptive Loads that can vary their consumption on demand without adversely affecting occupant comfort. In this presentation we look at what Advanced Control Techniques can provide to make Buildings Response Loads and show the results and lessons learned from a trial at a Retail Facility in New York State.

Presentation: Making Buildings Responsive Loads for Demand Side Management

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