Exhibiting at Advanced Energy 2013

Advanced Energy 2013 brings energy conferences from across New York State to this one, crucially important venue. For exhibitors it represents the chance to make a statewide and industry-wide impact in one place, and at one time. In 2010, when the Advanced Energy Conference was last held in New York City, it attracted attendees from 31 states and 15 countries on its own. Given its expanded format, Advanced Energy 2013 can be expected to provide exhibitors with significant national and international visibility.

If your company plans included exhibiting at any of our participating conferences, this is your opportunity to leverage your exhibition budget at one, all-encompassing venue. At Advanced Energy 2013 you will have access to the most influential opinion leaders in the industry; government officials and legislators; public policy decision makers and environmentalists; and leaders from the business, education and not-for-profit sectors.

The Jacob K. Javits Center significantly expands the available exhibit space and provides participating companies with greater flexibility in generating exciting and dynamic booth presentations. Given the breadth of the Advanced Energy 2013 program and agenda, prime locations are expected to sell quickly for this unprecedented Summit of Conferences.

Exhibit to the people who make the decisions
Business leaders and investors, together with the top people from academia, research organizations and government agencies will be coming to Advanced Energy 2013. Your business needs to be there, too, in order to capitalize on:

  • Networking at the highest levels – a unique opportunity to access the top people in the energy industry – in one place, at one time

  • Enhanced visibility – an unprecedented degree of exposure to the leaders who influence and make decisions

  • Broad industry penetration – gain recognition beyond your particular segment, engage in technological “cross-pollination” and identify potential joint venture partnerships

  • International exposure – past conferences have attracted industry leaders from around the world, and this year’s presence at Jacob Javits is expected to draw even greater participation

  • Press coverage – draw the attention of both the trade and mainstream media, and gain both national and worldwide visibility

  • Prominence – solidify your company’s position as an energy industry leader

Exhibit space will be assigned according to booth size on a first-come basis. Early action is your only guarantee of securing a prime location. Priority will also be given to companies displaying innovative hardware and software products.

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