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Edward C. Koplin


Ed has more than 25 years of mechanical and electrical design experience. He has been responsible for the planning, design specifications and commissioning for dozens of Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers. His experience includes central plants, co-generation systems, generator plants, critical power, chilled water, heating, heat rejection, and associated automation and monitoring systems. Ed has published primary research setting international standards for data center design and operations and has developed methods to assess and mitigate power distribution and transformation losses within data and telecommunications environments.

“Chips for Bricks” – Sustainable Data Centers

This presentation describes how integrated physical plant planning results in sustainable Data Center designs that support IT systems without putting them at risk. Case studies will illustrate how IT collaboration in plant design can create cost effective, energy efficient, solutions for mission critical data centers. Every unnecessary dollar spent on the physical plant is a dollar spent burning unnecessary energy. Additionally, that dollar could have been spent on IT systems - Chips for Bricks. Chips for Bricks is a concept that integrates the expectations of the IT and Facility stakeholders during design and subsequently over the life of the Data Center. Computers, enclosures, networking, cooling, and power need to strategically integrate into an overall system. It’s this holistic model that can create sustainable data centers for today’s green design paradigm.