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Dhesi Ananchaperumal

VP ecoSoftwareCA Technologies

Dhesikan Ananchaperumal is a Vice President of CAís ecoSoftware business unit focusing on energy and sustainability management. He is responsible for the overall strategy and approach, product management, development, quality assurance, customer implementations, and supporting engineering. He began his career in the IT industry over 21 years ago, developing an expertise in IT Operations and Management. Prior to his current role, Dhesikan was involved with Emerging Technologies, Business Relationship Management and M&A activities for CA. Prior to joining CA, Dhesikan held various management and technology positions at Netegrity, Affinnova, AMS and Infosys Technologies. Dhesikan holds a Bachelorís degree in Electronics Engineering, a Masterís degree in Computer Science and a Masterís degree in Electronics Design Technology from the Center for Electronics Design Technology, India. Dhesikan also has ISC2-CISSP, Six Sigma and ITIL certifications.

Greening an IT Cloud

Energy consumption and efficiency are important factors for datacenter and IT operations as the need for these services are on the rise, coupled with the cost of energy and increased awareness of sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions. In this session, you will learn firsthand how the latest technology trend -- cloud computing Ė is utilized in large datacenters located in different geographic locations with high-density IT equipment. Cloud computing is viewed as a cost efficient alternative for providing IT services, therefore keeping maximum energy efficiency in those datacenters will be critical for the overall success of the cloud infrastructure and technology. This session will cover the various technologies and best practices that can be used for energy-efficient operation of a datacenter and cloud computing services