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Dr. Jon Longtin

Dr. Jon Longtin joined the Mechanical Engineering Faculty at Stony Brook in Fall 1996. His research interests include developing sensors and sensor-based engineering systems, including novel sensor technologies for extremely harsh environments based on direct-write thermal spray technology and laser micro-machining. Another of his interest areas is fundamental and applied aspects of ultra high intensity, short-pulse laser interactions with liquids and solids for laser material processing and micromachining, where behavior far different than that observed at lower, more moderate laser intensities can occur. Longtin is the author of over one hundred scientific publications, and holds five issued and two pending U.S. patents. Longtin is the recipient of the NSF CAREER, PECASE, and Stony Brook Excellence in Teaching awards. His research is funded by the National Science Foundation, the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, NASA, and other sources.

High-Resolution Metering for Gas Meters

The emerging interest in utilizing and conserving energy resources, including natural gas, requires a new level of metering resolution. This paper presents the design and implementation of a high-resolution automated metering system for a residential natural gas meter. This system can be retrofit to a typical residential or commercial natural gas meter, and can non-intrusively monitor the gas consumption of individual appliances in a home by recognizing the usage signature or profile of the gas-consuming device. The module includes a high-resolution encoder to collect gas flow data and a microprocessor to analyze and identify appliance load profiles. Additional benefits of the system include the ability to detect very small leaks and theft, perform an efficiency analysis, and provide real time customer feedback of gas usage. The system has the potential for wide scale market adoption.