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Florence Hudson

Energy & Environment Executive and Cloud Computing StrategistIBM Corporate Strategy

Florence Hudson is IBM Energy & Environment Executive and Cloud Computing Strategist in IBM Corporate Strategy, responsible for strategies and execution plans for “green” solutions to benefit clients in their goals to improve their impact on energy & the environment worldwide. These “green” solutions include smarter buildings, green datacenters, cloud computing, water management, intelligent transportation, smart grids, and alternative energy research. Ms. Hudson has been an executive at IBM for 10 years, including roles as Vice President of Marketing & Strategy, and Executive-on-loan and Vice President of Strategic Planning for the Society of Women Engineers. She is currently serving on the SWE Board of Trustees. Prior to IBM, Ms. Hudson worked for HP, Grumman Corporation and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ms. Hudson graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and has attended executive education at Harvard Business School and Columbia University

Smarter Infrastructure - Building a Smarter Planet

We can build and deploy a smarter infrastructure with today's innovations in design and technology to improve our operational efficiency, our energy efficiency and our impact on the environment. Existing proofpoints show how we can design, build, instrument and manage smarter buildings, green datacenters, advanced water management systems, intelligent transportation, smart grids, and smarter cities. We can build a smarter planet together, blazing a trail to a new "green" economy, and a healthier planet. Opportunities abound for the development and deployment of technologies and innovations to do even more for the smarter infrastructure, including advanced research and development of alternative energy systems. Smarter cities, both new cities or updated cities, will deploy a smarter infrastructure to improve the impact on energy & the environment worldwide, and build our economic future.