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Dr. James Glimm

Professor and Chair of DepartmentStony Brook University Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

James Glimm is a Professor in the Stony Brook University Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and Chair of that Department.lso affiliated with Brookhaven National Laboratory.He is Associate Director for Science of the New York Center forComputational Science, host to the 125Tf IBM/BG computer, NewYorkBlue.He is a specialist in partial differential equations, computationaland mathematical physics and engineering applications. He is winner ofthe National Medal of Science, a Member of the National Academy of Sciences,and a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.Co-authors for this paper are: James Davenport (BNL), Stan Wong(Stony Brook and BNL), Roman Samulyak (Stony Brook and BNL),Mike McGuigan (BNL), Shanshan Wu (Stony Brook) and Amanda Tiano (Stony Brook).

A Supercomputing Study of Photo Voltaic Quantum Dots

Solar energy is limited by cost, while supplies of sunlight are ample, sufficient to supply domestic energy needs now and in the future. We study solar cell quantum dots with a goal to improve their price/performance. We seek basic understanding of the physical and chemical properties that regulate the operation of a photovoltaic solar cell. Above band gap localization of electrons in a coupled system consisting of a photoactive semiconductor, a ligand and a drain reveal voltage gradients that lead a photo-excited electron from the photo-active cell to the ligand and hence to the drain. The study is based on supercomputing simulations closely linked to an experimental program