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Dr. Michael Gouzman

Dr. Michael Gouzman graduated as an Electrical Engineer in 1978 (Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics). He received his Ph.D. in 1990. He was a research scientist at several Russian and German based universities and companies. Since 1996 he works and teaches in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the State University of NY (SUNY) at Stony Brook.His main research area is opto-electronic sensors and sensor systems. He leads the biggest laboratory of the Center of Advanced Technologies in Sensor (Sensor CAT) – Laboratory of Opto-electronic Sensors and Sensor Systems. More than 20 industrial research projects were successfully provided under his leadership. Dr. M. Gouzman have received 15 US and foreign patents and published 25 articles. His results were presented on US and international exhibitions.He is an active teacher and advisor for number of Ph.D. and undergraduate students. Since 2009 Dr. M. Gouzman had involved into process of education via Internet.

Sensors for Smart AC+DC Grids

There are well known three main problems of modern electrical grids. First is an attempt to minimize “reactive” power in AC distribution grids. Another big problem is a peaking character of electric energy consuming. And third problem is a compatibility with local sources of energy (alternative to centralized AC and renewable sources of energy). All three problems can be solved by merging existed AC grids with local (even in-house) DC systems with rechargeable energy accumulators.We had proposed a creation of small physical model named “Smart Office”. In frame of this model we implemented small AC+DC powered office with rechargeable electrical battery, DC powered LED based lights and computer and set of sensors.For implementation of our research we have designed set of primary “Smart Sensors”. Each “Smart Sensor” has an AC/DC current meter with ability to measure active and reactive components. Communication with central unit based on ZigBee technique of mesh network. We are planning to measure parameters of our “Smart Office” and compare with same parameters of “Standard 2010 Office”.Our research is a preparation for next stage of design an optimal structure of sensor network for “Smart AC+DC local Grid”.