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Dr. Roger R. Schmidt

Dr. Roger R. Schmidt, IBM Fellow, National Academy of Engineering Member, IBM Academy of Technology Member and ASME Fellow, has over 30 years experience in engineering and engineering management in the thermal design of IBM’s large scale computers. He is IBM’s Chief Engineer on Data Center Energy Efficiency. He has led development teams in cooling mainframes, client/servers, parallel processors and test equipment utilizing such cooling mediums as air, water, and refrigerants. He now leads our lab services team on providing customer support for power and cooling issues in data centers. He has published more than 100 technical papers and has over 100 patents/patent pending in the area of electronic cooling. He has been an Associate Editors of the Journal of Electronic Packaging, ASHRAE Research Journal and the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer. He is past Chair of the ASHRAE TC9.9 committee on Mission Critical Facilities, Technology Spaces, and Electronic Equipment.

Today, more than ever before, the IT(Information Technology) industry is going through a tremendous period of change and turmoil. It has been estimated that data centers that house IT equipment utilize 2% of the electric energy in the U.S. For this reason there is a significant focus on improving all the elements of the data center from the infrastructure that supports the IT equipment to the IT equipment itself. This presentation will describe two newly built data centers with the focus on energy efficiency. The 100,000 sq ft IBM Raleigh Leadership Data Center was opened in February 2010 to speed the deployment of services to our IBM clients. The Syracuse University Data Center announced their data center in a ribbon cutting ceremony in December 2009. This data center deploys several unique technologies including tri-generation, liquid cooling, and DC power distribution.