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Dr. Rami A. Rihani, Ph.D.

Senior ManagerAccenture Technology Consulting

Rami A. Rihani is a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Technology Consulting (ATC) group, focusing on Data Center Technology and Operations. He is based in the U.S. out of the Washington, DC area. Mr. Rihani specializes in data center facilities, strategy, and assessments. His scope of work has focused on data center lifecycles phases from design/architecture, build, retrofit, commissioning, implementation, to activations and migrations. Mr. Rihani is also the Global Green IT Practice Lead and manages the data center facilities offering globally

Enablers for a Green Data Center

Managing the green agenda within the data center is a continual activity to ensure that the carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. Beyond the reduction in unavoidable emissions delivered by consolidation programs, other data center related initiatives should be explored. Both digital and physical in nature, these enablers directly influence the energy efficiency of a data center. From location selection and energy sources¬ to orchestration, environment management, and alternative compute models; these considerations should play a major part in designing any data center to achieve optimal energy efficiency.