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Shawn Genung

CTOGeoEnergy Enterprises

Shawn Genung is the CTO of GeoEnergy Enterprises, where he leads research and product development activities on the company's geothermal heating and cooling sysems. Mr. Genung has a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Industrial Engineering, and an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Shawn also serves as managing partner of the consulting group PDSV, specializing in R&D and new technology prototyping, having transferred multiple technologies from Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he previously worked in both the Engineering Division and the Technology Transfer and Economic Development department.

The GeoColumn - Geothermal Made Easy

Recently, the Dept. of Energy acknowledged that the widespread deployment of geothermal heat pump technology in homes and businesses could effectively offset the anticipated increase in domestic energy demand forecast for 2030, and as such they have tasked their teams with facilitating the deployment of one million geothermal heat pumps per year by 2016 -- a lofty goal considering the current roughly 100,000 unit installed base. Meeting this goal means overcoming the many barriers to entry that currently exist or are perceived within the geothermal HVAC industy. The GeoColumn from GeoEnergy Enterprises is a quickly deployable and minimally invasive hybrid geothermal heat pump system that is specifically designed to overcome current obstacles including drilling depth, excavation, aquifer contamination, field design, and engineering, while removing the uncertainty around what a finished installation might cost by the end of the project.