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Louis E. Capuano, Jr.

CEO ThermaSource

Prior to ThermaSource, Mr. Capuano was drilling manager for Thermogenics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft Corporation. Prior to Thermogenics, Inc., Mr. Capuano opened the regional office of Signal Oil and Gas Company in 1974. From 1980 to 2007, Mr. Capuano was CEO of ThermaSource, Inc. a geothermal engineering and drilling consultancy. In 2007, Mr. Capuano became President and CEO of ThermaSource, LLC, a holding company for ThermaSource, Inc., ThermaSource Cementing, Inc., EGS, Inc., ChemTech Services, LLC, and Tecton Geologic, LLC. Mr. Capuano earned a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Mr. Capuano has over 32 years of geothermal experience.

Geothermal Drilling 101: How to Drill a Geothermal Well

This presentation will discuss the key differences and common misconceptions between oil and gas and geothermal wells. Mr. Capuano will then discuss in detail the steps on how to drill a geothermal well. This presentation will cover everything from developing a drilling program, understanding the specialized equipment and technologies, cementing considerations, the bid process, to cost estimates and major risks and drilling contingencies.