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Carlos M. Pereira

Carlos M. Pereira leads a team of engineers and scientists at the Armament Research Development Engineering center (ARDEC) in New Jersey. At ARDEC his mission establishes and evolves core technologies and expertise in munition Sensors, Seekers, Control Mechanisms and Power and Energy Systems for munitions. Mr. Pereira conducts research in Real-Time Direct Measurement Sensors for Full Angular Orientation and Position, in the development of Novel Components for High Bandwidth Actuation for control of precision munitions, and alternative methods to power munitions using Hybrid Power Harvesting Methods and the packaging of Reserve Power Systems on a Chip. Recent research is in areas of power switching technologies using Wide-Band-gap Semiconductor Materials. At ARDEC, Mr. Pereira is a resident expert in High-g Packaging of electronics and holds numerous patents in most of the aforementioned areas.

Renewable Power and Energy Systems for Defense Needs

The US Army has identified power systems for weapons and munitions as one of the most crucial areas. It has been identified that both strategic responsiveness and core fighting capabilities need to be improved for the warfighter to effectively fight as a joint, independent, full spectrum, mission-tailored force. Future Modular Forces will employ electric power sources, fuels and energy storage. Energy storage and electrical power are encompassed in all systems, for example weapon platforms, tactical vehicles, soldier systems, and all electric and electronic systems. Strategies for developing energy for munition systems that will combine the capabilities to deliver high power and high energy densities while reducing corrosive chemicals. Ongoing efforts at the U. S. Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, New Jersey engage the research and industry for the development of Novel Power and Energy Systems for Weapons and Munitions.