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Robert Misback

Senior Director of Energy Storage Solutions, Altairnano, Inc.

Robert Misback is a Senior Director of Energy Storage Solutions with Altairnano, Inc. He has twenty years of experience within the utility sector and a deep expertise in conventional, wind, and solar power. Prior to joining Altairnano, Mr. Misback served as a Director of Energy Business Segment with Converteam, Inc., a global market leader in power systems for energy markets. Mr. Misback established Converteam as a supplier to the conventional and renewable power industry in North America.Prior to his tenure at Converteam, Mr. Misback was VP and General Manager of Acciona Solar Power and Director of Gas Turbine Service at Siemens Power Generation. Mr. Misback graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in mechanical engineering and also earned a MBA from Crummer School of Business. He is a member of PMI and a Project Management Professional.

Applications for Advanced Energy Storage- New Technologies

The commercial availability of fast energy storage systems provide significant opportunity to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of the electric grid. These technologies are well-suited to strengthen grid stabilization by delivering immediate response, high-power density, and high cycle life. Supplementing the use of conventional generation assets, fast energy storage can free up thermal power plant capacity currently used for frequency regulation and be used toward smoothing the output of renewable generation and power quality management. The benefits are far-reaching. By complementing conventional capacity, fossil fuel plant capacity can be dedicated to base load electricity, carbon emissions can be reduced, and the integration of renewable generation can be accelerated. Batteries based on Lithium Titanate have been performing frequency regulation in the PJM ISO for over one year with good reliability and very little degradation.