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Andrew J. Naukam

Mr. Naukam, Ultralife Corporation Vice President of Program Management has focused most of his time on Large Format Lithium Ion Batteries and Energy Storage Systems since May 2009. Mr. Naukam joined Ultralife in 1994 as Engineering Manager and held positions as Director of Engineering, Managing Director of UK operations, Vice President of R&D, Vice President of Corporate Quality, Chief Operating Officer of Ultralifeís McDowell Research unit, Chief Operating Officer of Ultralife China, and most recently, held the position of Vice President of European and Indian Operations. Prior to working for Ultralife, Mr. Naukam worked for Hansford Automated Systems, and as a project engineer for Bausch & Lombís Eyewear Division. Mr. Naukam began his career as a mechanical development engineer for the Ultra Technologies Division of Eastman Kodak Company. Mr. Naukam has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Multiple Energy Source Energy Storage

A practical and technical overview of Ultralifeís Integrated Multiple Energy Storage System Technology (iMest) Energy Storage System, will be presented, including design, key considerations, features and options. Details of the iMEST System flexibility that allow for integration of renewable generators such as wind turbines and solar panels will be discussed. The system uniquely can also be configured with a variety of cell types, provide behind the meter benefits along with its capability to address typical grid improvement opportunities, and be built in various custom sizes. The systemís scalability will be illustrated. Further, a comparative analysis of select chemistries will be presented including a discussion of their applicability to various energy storage system functional objectives.