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Dr. Franklin Schuling

Franklin Schuling completed his PhD in Bio-physics in 1988, joining Philips Research in 1989 as a computer graphics expert, then joined Philips Medical Systems in August 1995, heading the XRAY Predevelopment group until August 2002. From 2002 until August 2006 Franklin was the lead for the Strategy Council, responsible for the formulation and execution of Philips' Healthcare Technology Strategy. It was in this period that the still famous Technology Strategy Documents came to life and started to become the framework for prioritization of all Philips Medical Systems funded Research. During this period, Franklin was also the director of the Image Processing R&D in Paris, France. In August 2006 Franklin joined Philips Research again to become the Business Developer for the Healthcare and Wellness Research program. In January 2007, he became Sector Head for the Molecular Medicine Research program. In July 2009, Franklin became Head of Philips Research North America.

Lighting Centric Holistic Green Buildings System Solutions

Lighting is the single largest energy usage element in commercial buildings. Combined with heating cooling and ventilation (HVAC) it represents over 50% of the total energy consumption and strongly influences occupant health and comfort. Holistic integrated systems and technologies optimizing energy consumption, occupant comfort and wellness are necessary to drive sustainable green building solutions in the industry at large. This presentation will describe the various types of buildings and advanced lighting technologies and system solution approaches that are relevant to green buildings. Furthermore, technology trends in the industry along these lines and open innovation approaches being persued by Philips will be discussed.