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Joseph M. Ambrosio

Mr. Ambrosio is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology with a Bachelors of Science in mechanical engineering. He has been heavily involved in the electric and hybrid electric vehicle industry for over 17 years and has worked closely with electric utilities, vehicle manufacturers and technology development organizations. Mr. Ambrosio’s work has been primarily in on-road vehicle deployment and in the development of battery management systems. He has been awarded 4 US patents in the area of electrical and thermal management of conventional and advanced batteries. Currently, Mr. Ambrosio is the General Manager of ElectroMotive Designs LLC a NY-Based company specializing in providing engineering services and product solutions to the electric and hybrid electric vehicle industry.

Medium and Heavy Duty EV/HEV Deployment

There are current over 75 million registered commercial vehicles in the US that transport goods and services every day. These vehicles primarily utilize diesel fuel and travel less than 200 miles per day. In addition, most of these vehicles operate in concentrated areas that have high population and poor air quality. These facts have been well understood for many decades, but not until the recent confluence of high cost, national security concerns and environmental awareness has there been such a strong movement for change. Vocations such as transit buses, school buses, delivery trucks, utility and service vehicles all are candidates for alternative fuels. Vehicle designers and fleet managers face a variety of challenges. Basic issues such as fleet profiling, energy storage systems, cycle life cost, emissions regulations, and safety are fundamental issues being worked on by the industry. Additionally as technology is continuously changing and improving, supply chain verification and industry standards developers are trying to catch up.