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Mike Bakalyar

Manager, Enhanced Services

During his 30+ years of work in the compressed air industry Mike Bakalyar has served in management roles for two major distributors developing and directing technical service teams that specialized in system evaluation and problem solving. He has worked with his teams in developing tools and processes that accurately profile demand and power providing a valid basis for modeling solutions, and assuring that project implementation delivers the modeled (promised) results. He has served in an advisory capacity for major compressor and dryer manufactures promoting the importance of best practice performance and reliability in “real” operating environments. Mike is currently serving on staff at Gardner Denver, Inc to develop and implement a suite of enhanced services that include system training, audit and evaluation standards, system controls, and remote monitoring.

Compressed Air Systems – Best Practice Efficiency

Presentation will address the significant opportunities for energy savings in the operation of compressed air systems and the importance of Life Cycle Costs to the system owner. The basic process of measurement, analysis, modeling, and validation will be discussed.