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Mr. Richard Fioravanti

Director of Storage Applications & Support, KEMA, Inc.

Mr. Richard Fioravanti is the Director of Storage Applications & Support for KEMA, Inc.He has over 17 years experience working with emerging energy technologies. Currently, his efforts focus on advanced electricity storage technologies. He has worked with storage manufacturers on evaluating advanced storage technologies for applications such as renewable smoothing and ancillary services for wind and solar generation. He has authored papers on the emission benefits achieved by utilizing fast-response storage for frequency regulation as well as studies on the benefits of combining storage with wind farms. Mr. Fioravanti has an MBA in Finance & Marketing as well as an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA

Impacts of Current Electricity Storage Implementations

Utility-scale electricity storage is no longer being proposed, but actually being implemented in the field. Where is this occurring? What are the applications? And among the many storage technologies, which ones should be utilized for specific applications? This presentation will provide a summary of storage technologies, state of development, and cost factors. The course will then map the technologies to specific applications that are being developed, helping to link technologies with applications. In addition to discussing some of the current demonstrations, the presentation will look at some of the gaps that exist in today’s market and where improvements need to be made and where next generation development may need to be focused.