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Dr. Laura Wynter

Research Scientist, IBM Watson Research Center

Dr. Laura Wynter is a research scientist at IBM Watson Research Center. Dr. Wynter has degrees from MIT and ENPC, in Paris, France, and has specialized in transportation modeling for over 15 years. She has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations and numerous patents in the fields of optimization and transportation modeling. Dr. Wynter is the subject matter expert for Intelligent Transportation within IBM Research as part of the IBM global team dedicated to that topic. Her team developed the IBM Traffic Prediction Tool and several other Smarter Transportation analytics.

Smarter Transportation Analytics

We shall present an overview of the work that IBM Research is performing in the lab and around the world to make transportation systems smarter and more efficient. We discuss our areas of focus, provide a brief overview of the methods we employ, and discuss a handful of client projects as well as some results obtained. We conclude with our vision of what is still needed today in the domain of smarter transportation systems and where universities and companies can join forces to achieve the vision.