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Dr. Kathleen Robertson

Since the 1990’s, Dr. Kathleen Robertson has been one of the United States’ premier designers of strategic simulations (wargames) for corporations and government.In 1994, Dr. Robertson was selected to work with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as the primary negotiator for the government, assessing investment risks, business plans and partner strategies for technology development. In 1995, Dr. Robertson joined Booz Allen & Hamilton as a Principal, conducting a number of senior level wargames for OSD, DoD, and the Department of the Navy. Kathleen Robertson holds a J.D/PhD in International Corporate Law, International Political Economics and Defense Policy, and a Master of Political Science in International Relations and Defense Policy. She is a member of a number of professional organizations, including the American Bar Association and the Wargaming Advisory Panel for the Naval War College.

Cyber Challenges for the Energy Industry

Cyber is one of the great enablers of our society today. However, it has also become one of our greatest vulnerabilities. Although invisible to most of us in the public, there is constant activity occurring behind the scene of normality. In the classic sense of move, counter move, there are those who consistently try to disrupt what we all take for granted, and those who are charged with ensuring that these disruptions do not occur. These “cyber” warriors are in the government, but also in the private sector. Energy, along with finance and communications, is one of the critical industries that is a user of cyber to run efficient operations as well as an industry that has to remain vigilant. In 2009, after a major disruption occurred in California, the Governor’s office in conjunction with DHS, and private industry, conducted a cyber security strategy wargame to better identify potential vulnerabilities and to determine roles and responsibilities.