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Peter Gilbert

CA Technologies

When CA Technologies began developing its energy, carbon and sustainability solution, Peter Gilbert was among the first team members to work on the CA ecoSoftware project. Peter has been instrumental in developing CA's architecture and strategy for CA ecoSoftware. Prior to his current role as Vice President of Product Strategy & Management, Peter was a Principal Architect in the Engineering Services group at CA, providing implementation consulting and technology advice to a wide range of organizations, with a focus on business governance, service management and knowledge management.

Unlocking Sustainability - Why IT Holds the Key

Energy, water, waste and carbon emissions: organizations are increasingly focusing on environmental impacts and the use of natural resources. IT is often a considerable consumer of power, but IT can also help you improve corporate sustainability and your environmental performance. Whether it's about efficiency, effective participation in voluntary and mandatory programs, or engaging with stakeholders, this means that your organization needs to measure, report, plan, and take action. In this session, you'll learn about: • Tips on how to reduce IT energy use • Ways IT can help drive sustainability efforts• IT's role in systematic management of your carbon sustainability program• New software innovations in energy, carbon management, and sustainability management.