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Kevin Neumaier

Ecology and Environment, Inc.

Kevin Neumaier is president and CEO of Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E&E), a multidisciplinary environmental consulting company – developing innovative environmental solutions in nearly every ecosystem on our planet.Involved in a low carbon economy, Kevin’s 1992 master’s project determined Erie County’s carbon footprint and solutions to reduce it. Everyday is about sustainability at E&E’s global headquarters – the world’s oldest existing LEED® Platinum building, during the past nine years the carbon footprint was reduced 80% at a net cost savings.Kevin received infoTech Niagara’s “2008 Executive of the Year” award for his work in developing innovative, web-based solutions to environmental sustainability that include GreenRide.com, GreenMeter.com, and ProjectEarth.netIn 2009, E&E was featured as a “Green Pioneer” and listed as #50 of America’s hottest small-cap companies by Fortune Small Business. A speaker at the climate talks in Copenhagen, Kevin brings solutions developed from consulting globally on tens of thousands of MW of renewable energy projects, energy efficiency, and green cities.

Lower Carbon; Lower Cost; Better Existence

There are lots of ways to arrive at a low carbon society that make economic sense and make our lives as humans better. Combining an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability, a business need for return on investment, and the ability to think way outside the box – the company I run, Ecology and Environment, Inc. is leading with some innovative solutions to a lower carbon life on Earth. Some of these practices we have been running for close to 40 years, well before there were names like green buildings, green products or green cities. I will use real world examples and share my experience and vision of how we get to a lower carbon society and a better world - all in 15 minutes. Our headquarters is one of the longest running green office buildings in the world (LEED Platinum); we’ve paid our employees to carpool since 1973; and we’ve advised on over 50,000 environmental projects in 96 countries.