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Dr. Paul Farrell

Brookhaven Technology Group

Paul Farrell is currently President of Brookhaven Technology Group, Inc. (BTG) and Radix Power and Energy Corporation, a spinoff of BTG. Dr. Farrell has extensive research, management and commercialization experience in the fields of particle accelerator and nuclear technologies. Prior to founding BTG in 1987 and co-founding Radix in 2009, Dr. Farrell was Director of Physics at General Ionics Corporation, developer of the Tandetron particle accelerators and prior to that, he was Head Scientist at Radiation Dynamics Incorporated, now a division of IBA of Belgium. At Radiation Dynamics, he successfully led the effort to implement the use of electron beam irradiation for sterilization of medical products. As Director of Physics at General Ionex, he participated in the design of high energy ion implantation systems for commercial production of semiconductors. Dr Farrell holds advanced degrees in Physics and Mathematics from The University of Pittsburgh and The University of Chicago.

A Compact, Lightweight, Transportable Nuclear Reactor System

Compact nuclear reactor power systems that can be transported to and operated at field locations to generate electric power and synthetic fuels for Army vehicles are described. When developed, the Deployable Electric Energy Reactor (DEER) system would generate megawatts of electric power to meet electrical demands, and produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water[1] which can be extracted from the ambient atmosphere. The hydrogen could be combined, using re-designed industrial processes, with carbon dioxide extracted from the ambient atmosphere[2] to produce synthetic fuel[3] for use in existing fleet of Army combat and tactical vehicles. The re-designed industrial processes use both the heat generated by DEER system and the electricity for fuel production processes so that the overall energy efficiency of the entire DEER system will be higher than that to produce electricity only. This technology will enable sustainable fuel generation with feedstock from anywhere in the world, therefore, it will have important impact on the Army in maintaining its un-eroded superiority through reduced dependence on fossil fuel, foreign or domestic.