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Dr. Earl Saito

GE Hitachi

Dr. Earl Saito currently manages the research and development of Advanced Recycling Center (ARC) and medical isotopes for GEH. Since 2006 he has lead GEHs efforts to design innovative solutions to closing the nuclear fuel cycle. As part of this effort he has presented papers at multiple professional meetings, to business leaders and government officials. Dr. Saito has held several leadership positions in his career including responsibility for the safe and efficient production of nuclear fuel, shipping of multiple isotopes, process improvement, regulatory compliance and quality assurance. EDUCATION1987 BA of Physics and Chemistry Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH.1989 MS Physics Ohio University, Athens, OH.2003 Ph.D. Physics Ohio University, Athens, OH

Cost reduction using sodium reactors

GEH’s Power Reactor Innovative Small Modular (PRISM) is a small sodium cooled reactor. The PRISM can be fueled using enriched uranium or plutonium and depleted uranium (used nuclear fuel from today’s commercial light water reactors). The PRISM achieves cost reduction in three main ways: 1) passive safety allows for simplicity in design, license and operation, 2) components may be factory built (ultra large forgings are not required) and 3) modular construction provides a streamlined construction process and allows for sequential commissioning of multiple power blocks. In addition, using multiple reactors like those in the PRISM power block allows the system to provide continuous uninterrupted power because the system can be designed and operated to assure that the necessary number of reactors are always in operation.