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Scott Pugh

Scott Pugh joined DHS in 2007 as Special Assistant to the Honorable Jay M. Cohen,Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Science and Technology. He currently servesas Energy Security Liaison in the Science and Technology Directorate InteragencyDivision. In 2009 he was Executive Secretary of a White House Task Force on ElectricGrid Vulnerabilities and coordinated an interagency electric grid wargame. He is amember of the Federal Smart Grid Task Force.As a civilian he served as a member of the 2006 - 2008 Defense Science Board EnergyStrategy Task Force and as Military Principal at Rocky Mountain Institute.Scott retired from the Navy as a Captain in 2005 having served as Commanding Officerof a nuclear powered attack submarine and as Director of the College of Mathematics andScience at the Naval Academy. He is a physics graduate of the Naval Academy and theNaval Postgraduate School.

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