2018 Conference Acknowledgements


Dr. Serpil Guran

Dr. Serpil Guran
Director, Rutgers EcoComplex,“Clean Energy Innovation Center”
RutgersX “EcoIgnite: Clean Energy Proof of Concept Center& Accelerator” Program
Assoc. Teach. Prof.  Dept. of Plant Biology,
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey  


Serpil Guran is the Director of Rutgers EcoComplex “Clean Energy Innovation Center”. She also manages the new RutgersX EcoIgnite: Clean Energy Proof of Concept Center and Accelerator” program. Her responsibilities include management of the EcoComplex operations, programs, business incubator and facilities, as well as providing vision and leadership in establishing the EcoComplex as a center for the commercialization of environmental and clean energy technologies. She teaches online classes “Sustainability Decision tools”, and “Introduction to Bioenergy technologies” . She also teaches “Critical Thinking in the Case of Learning Food- Energy- Water- Nexus”. She has a courtesy teaching affiliation with Plant Biology Program.    

Dr. Guran is trained on thermochemical conversion (pyrolysis and gasification) of biomass and waste materials for production of fuels and chemicals and she specializes in research, development and assessment of sustainable biofuel and recycling technologies, and life cycle analysis of clean energy systems alternative fuel production systems. Currently, she is working on Food-Energy-Water Nexus and Waste synergy by promoting integration of organic waste into development of closed-loop bio-economy.    


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