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AERTC Seed Grant Jump Start Initiative Announces 2008 Winners

Stony Brook, June 6th, 2008- The mission of the new Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center, a true public and private partnership dedicated to the advancement of energy research and technology deployment, is to forge interdisciplinary partnerships for the advancement of energy research and engineering with emphasis on the following areas which impact the energy field; hydrogen fuels, fuel cells, renewable energy, optimization of traditional fuels, CO2 sequestration, environmental impact, nanotechnologies, catalysis, ultra low power electronics, bio-fuel combustion, power distribution, energy policy, planning, education or outreach. In order to jump start research efforts within the AERTC, proposals were submitted in these areas in response to an RFP late last year.

Grants, up to $50,000 per year, for a maximum period of two years, have just been awarded to proposals selected by a panel of AERTC members. The criteria for selection included the originality of the research, relevance to the mission of AERTC, potential for growth, commercialization, and the ability to attract future federal or private funding. Emphasis was also placed on the organization, teamwork, and collaboration record among the PIs, the involvement of students, industry, and other outreach efforts.

“National Grid congratulates the recipients of the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center Seed Grants,” said Robert B. Catell, Chairman of National Grid US. “The research they conduct will result in new technology and innovative solutions addressing important energy issues we face right here on Long Island.”

“We appreciate the contributions of National Grid and Brookhaven National Labs for their generous contributions to the AERTC Jump Start Seed Grant Initiative. We look forward to the regional application of the new technologies and energy solutions spawned by this initiative,” says Dr. Yacov Shamash, the VP of Economic Development and Dean of the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences at Stony Brook University.

Here is a list of the winners.

AERTC SEED Grant Recipients

PI's Project Title
Devinder Mahajan
Benjamin Chu
“Ultra Deep Sulfur Removal and Biomass-derived Transportation Fuels: The next generation nanocatalyst based technology”
Thomas A. Butcher
Jin Wang
Harald Ade
Miriam Rafailovich
“Biofuels and nanotechnology for improvement of Oil Heat Combustion Systems”
Dev Chidabaram
Miriam Rafailovich
Anatoly Frenkel
“Point of Use Generation of Biohydrogen in a Catalytic Fuel Cell for Transportation”
Hazem Tawfik
Devinder Mahajan
Manufacturing and testing of one kW Hydrogen PEM Fuel Cell Utilizing Bipolar Plate Technology”
Philip B Allen
Maria Victoria Fernandez-Serra
James T Muckerman
Marshall D Newman
Mark S Hybersten
Solar Water splitting: quantum theory of photocatalytic process of water/semiconductor interface
Lori L. Scarlatos
Micha Tomkiewicz
Intelligent Energy Choices

To see the abstract on each Award winning energy proposal please click here.

About the AERTC

The long standing relationships that have been forged between large research institutions such as Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University, as well as regional utilities and research institutions such as National Grid and LIPA, have provided an ideal platform for initiating a true public and private partnership devoted to the advancement of energy research and technology deployment. The headquarters of the Advanced Energy Center, which will be constructed at the Stony Brook Research & Technology Park, will strive to achieve a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) platinum rating, which is designated by achieving maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact in five distinct categories: sustainable site, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, material & resources and indoor environmental quality.

For more information on current AERTC research, the Advanced Energy Center or the Upcoming Advanced Energy Conference, please visit www.aertc.org.