Dr. Saul Keslowitz

Intra-Tech, Inc

Keslowitz's Presentation

Dr. Saul Keslowitz received his Ph.D. in Control Systems in 1977 and a M.S. in 1974 in Electrical Engineering from SUNY at Stony Brook and a B.A. from Queens College in1972 in Physics and Math. He has worked for a number of major companies. As a lead Control Systems Analyst at Sperry, he designed a Kalman Filter to improve the navigation accuracy of a Submarine. At Grumman Space Systems, he developed a Space Station/Robotics Laboratory, gave talks at NASA and received patents. He also consulted at Bell Laboratories. In 1996, Dr. Keslowitz started Intra-Tech, Inc. (http://www.intra-tech.us) which specializes in control system design, software development and microcontroller based electronics. Intra-Tech has designed a variety of innovative microcontroller based products for a number Long Island companies and has developed object oriented software for many Wall Street firms. Intra-Tech is currently getting involved with green energy product development.