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Dr. Ronald Pirich currently is a Technical fellow at Northrop Grumman's Advanced Concepts and Integrated Solutions/Technology Development Center in Bethpage, NY. Ron has over thirty one years of experience in systems engineering, technical integration and associated research & development enabling technologies ranging from nanotechnology, which includes nanofabrication and characterization of nano and microstructures for sensors and advanced coatings, materials for signature management, Program Manger and Principal Investigator of several NASA materials processing in space programs, several USAF / USN / Government Signature Management efforts, DARPA Unconventional Pathogen Countermeasures program, US Army Chem/Bio Detection programs, RDECOM/CERDEC WMD initiative and an advanced NASA HR&T Program. He is also a key contributor to Northrop Grumman's Cross-Sector BioHazard Detector System (BDS) for the United States Postal Service / State and Justice Depts. He is a holder of nine patents.